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After being dissatisfied with another contractor’s response to the hail damage to our property, we turned to RIDGID CONSTRUCTION and were quickly impressed by their professionalism. RIDGID’s Project Manager, Robert Bartusevicius, proved to be what we needed in terms of thoroughness of his inspection of the damage, his attention to our questions and concerns, and his determination to make sure that all the damage was repaired correctly and in a timely fashion. When RIDGID’s restoration was completed, our property was actually improved in construction and appearance from what it had been before the hailstorm. We are happy to recommend RIDGID CONSTRUCTION without reservation. After a damaging hail storm hit our house, much damage could be seen throughout our neigborhood. My husband called our insurance copy in next morning . They sent out a roofer the next day for inspection and he patched open areas and said he only does roofs, and I said, “But what about the gutters, the 2 dented and discolored garage doors, the circular garage vent laying in the driveway, the torn up double window, the beaten up tool shed , and the white polka-dotted fence - what about a home inspection for damage?” I was dissatified, I was upset, I was mad, I was crying! I called our insurance to find help only to find it would be at least 2 weeks. So I called back and they finally told me that I could pick out my own inspector and workers - all of their inspectors were busy. I got on line and checked Better Business Bureau, local contractors in my area, the numerous post-cards and info we were recieveing, the yellow pages and reviews. I decided to call RIDGID Construction, a locally owned business with an excellent reputation. Robert Bartusevicius quickly returned our call and visited on June 22nd. He listened to my upsetting story, he did his thorough inspection and estimate. We had a new roof and new vents by the 29th. Through heat up to 108 degrees we soon had New gutters, new 2 insulated garage doors and handmade ( because of it size) circular vent, sealed and painted trim, new tool shed, window damage replaced AND most of all peace-of-mind. Robert was a knowledgeable, professional project manager. He kept us informed of the plan , and when workers would be there and they arrived on time and finished it a timely manner with Robert checking frequently on their progress, I had no worries. When another upsetting storm, came damaging the partially constructed new tool shed, the next day Robert, was in our back yard with 2 new workers taking down and replacing with another new tool shed, and it was completed that day. Our phone calls, were answered quickly and with courtesy. The the replacement products on the roof and under the roof, the garage doors, painter,vents, and fence-were all top-notch. Thanks for an improved and safe home and the piece of mind. Our project manager explained our contract and plans and Rigid handled our discount information need for our VA discount, they gave us a discount on our roof, an gathered and faxed all the extra information that our home mortgage company and our insurance company wanted. Relieving us of many headaches. Rigid Construction is top-notch.
Steve & Nancy P. of Edmond, OK
Tuesday, April 4th
Testimonial Photo by Jenny R 1.
Ridgid Contruction conducted a storm damage evaluation after a hail storm hit the area. Their project manager, Robert Bartusevicius, completed a full scope of damages, prepared an itemized list, and met with our insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster was in agreement with Robert as to the extent of damages (roof, gutters, screens, windows, stucco resurfacing, paint, etc.) and Ridgid began and completed the process of renovation. The repairs were primarily to our church but also included an adjacent storage building. Robert met with our Board of Directors and explained thoroughly the construction process, materials and associated costs, at my request. He determined our specific needs regarding access during services for all of our members, cleanliness, parking needs (especially handicapped access), and time constraints for scheduling each of the different crews. Ridgid allotted several crews simultaneously to remove the old roof and install its replacement in record time. It only really affected one of our weekly services, but the crews stopped early, and cleaned up the entries and parking lot before our members arrived. They quickly finished before the weekend services and there wasn’t a sign that they had ever been there other than a new roof! Impressive! The second phase dealt with resurfacing the church exterior. Crews again came in, erected scaffolding, and repaired all of the specific hail damage and then applied a new EIFS surface on the entire church surface. Its beautiful! We were extremely pleased not only with the finished product, but also with the care taken to accommodate our congregations needs. In fact, the board decide to have Ridgid come back to redo our port cohere ceilings, which were in disrepair from previous unrelated damage. Ridgid completed our hail damage restoration including gutters and miscellaneous repairs to our complete satisfaction! I would recommend them highly and will continue to use them in the future.
Jenny R 1. of Oklahoma City, OK
Tuesday, April 4th
I would like to make my personal recommendation for Ridgid Construction. They came to my rescue after the May 10th tornado. My house was hit and had servere damage, but it was still liveable. There were sooo many companies swarming the area wanting to make bids and it was very overwhelming. Ridgid came in and said we will take care of everything for me and they meant it. My insurance company didn't want to pay for some of the damage that was done. Ridgid dealt with them and met them at my house on several occasions. They even met with the structural engineer to make sure he inspected everything and that they agreed with his report.  All of the work was completed very professionally and I was 100% satisfied. Their prices were very competitive. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy. Several years after the tornado my husband noticed that there were some shingles out of place. He gave Ridgid a call, they came out and fixed them and we never saw a bill. Now that is customer service and shows that they want my continued business.  I would highly recommend Ridgid Construction for all your home repair needs!
Jason & Billie of Choctaw, OK
Monday, April 3rd
They took care of everything for me, including dealing with insurance and mortgage company. I use Ridgid for all my storm damage repairs and in Oklahoma that is quite often. I am a long time customer and am always completely satisfied. Thank you, I appreciate the work and customer service!!
Billie B. of Oklahoma City, OK
Wednesday, April 5th
After the late May storms we noticed what we considered damage to our roof. We filed a claim with our insurance provider who sent an adjuster to evaluate the damage and the insurance company approved our claim. We began our search for a company to replace our roof. Ridgid Construction was the fourth company we called and the third to our home. Robert showed up on time, reviewed the damage and took the extra time to explain how the process would work. He also took note of damage not listed on our insurance documents. Because of his thoroughness and patience with our questions/ignorance we decided to use Ridgid. About three weeks later all of the materials were in and they replaced the shingles and over 40 of the decking boards. The team was efficient and cleaned up after themselves . The following week we had 4 inches of rain in 2 hours. We thought we noticed a leak. We called Robert the next day and he had the crew out within hours to check it out. We are very pleased with their responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction. Robert submitted the supplemental claim and it was finally approved by our insurance provider. As of today, he is doing the legwork to find matching materials and provide the insurance company additional information they need.  
Tammy P. of Edmond, OK
Monday, April 3rd
It went great. They treated us very well. They were there when our adjuster came out and negotiated on our behalf for the house. This is a great situation because their interests line up with yours after a storm. I highly recommend them.
Zach M. of Edmond, OK
Tuesday, April 4th
We had hail damage to our roof, siding, door, gutters and window screens. The estimator, Robert, was prompt, courteous, and professional. He worked closely with my insurance company and explained the process in detail. He supervised every aspect of the repairs personally. All subcontractors were on time as scheduled, polite, and wasted no time and worked very hard. They all cleaned-up thoroughly when finished. If something wasn’t correct, they made it so. Overall I was very pleased. I would absolutely recommend Ridgid to my family and friends.
Peter G. of Edmond, OK
Tuesday, April 4th
Everything went smoothly.  I have a daycare so Brian, my rep, had it worked out for them to work on the weekends so they wouldn't disturb my daycare kids and visited with me during nap times or after hours.  They were really good about letting me know exactly when they would show up and what to expect.  My favorite part was that I didn't have to contact my mortgage company.  They took care of all the paperwork.  They also came back and looked at any work I felt needed their attention and took care of it.  I would recommend them to my friends and family. 
Jennifer J. of Edmond, OK
Tuesday, May 23rd
The construction went great. There was just a little pause in finishing because of bad weather and Christmas break, but that was not a concern to us at all. The quality of the work was excellent. Recently, a different builder was here to replace some windows, and he commented on how well the new roof had been built. Bob was very professional and reliable.
Allen W. of Edmond, OK
Friday, March 30th
Testimonial Photo by Joseph B.
Justin has been great to work with on my house repairs. He is upfront on if work/repairs need to be done or if it could be placed on hold until it truly needs to be repaired. Have already recommend the company to my co-workers.
Joseph B. of Edmond, OK
Wednesday, May 17th
I had a very good experience with this company. They were responsible and professional about everything. Their rep kept me notified about schedules and details. I believe that he negotiated an excellent adjustment with my insurance company after their first payment, which was short of the amount needed to cover everything. He met with their adjusters and made a good case for a better figure. In the end, my out-of-pocket expenses were pretty moderate, about 10% of the whole job. This was far better than my experience with another company some years ago, when I had to pay 50% of the replacement cost. All in all, I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone I know.
Homeowner of Norman, OK
Wednesday, July 1st
Randy O. was exceptional as the primary contractor. He deserves a Super Service Award himself! He even showed up when a tornado was forecasted when we had questions and needed help! He really made the whole ordeal palatable and went the extra mile to ensure everything was completed to our complete satisfaction. Can't say enough good about him and his integrity. He was truly the best. We were treated fairly and respectfully, and there were no hidden costs associated with the whole project. We were kept updated throughout the project, and the quality of the work met our high expectations. We were inundated with contractors wanting our business after the storm, and we were so blessed to find Ridgid on Angie's List! It made a challenging and unpleasant experience so much better to know that we were being treated honestly (unlike, we might add, some of our neighbors who chose a different companies). Thank you, Randy, and thank you Ridgid. We would not only use Ridgid again, we would recommend them to others. In fact, we already have.
Homeowner of Norman, OK
Saturday, October 24th
This was our first experience with filing a home insurance claim and hiring a contractor, so we were unsure of the process and nervous.  Our project manager, Robert Bartusevicius, was very understanding and professional.  He identified some items that were missing from our insurance adjuster's estimate and worked with our insurance company to have them added.  He was present when the work was accomplished and made sure it was done right.  When we had specific concerns, he made sure they were addressed to our liking.  The roofing team was very efficient and did a great job.  We would definitely hire Ridgid again. 
Jason G. of Norman, OK
Tuesday, May 23rd
Until I had a professional roof inspection, I had no idea the extent of damages to my home & rental properties. Thanks to Ridgid's expertise and ability to validate the extensive damages to my Insurance Co, my properties were expertly repaired and my investments protected. It was great doing business with Ridgid Construction. -Bill Fuzzell, Co-Owner O'Brien's Pub
Bill F. of Moore, OK
Monday, March 27th
Although I wanted to file a claim, I was apprehensive because the work force took houses by storm and in a matter of two days, houses were completed with roof and siding. I was skeptical of how this all was possible, but after receiving a door flier, I decided to call a local company "Ridgid Construction" as a new hail storm sate was on record.  I met with Bill, and he quickly noted that I had significant damage to my home. Bill had samples at our house the same day and the process was in full swing. Ridgid was very accommodating in making the entire process seem easy. Still I felt like this was just too fast. I had heard some horror stories of the other company's mistakes and I was indeed worried.  The work began on my house as promised. A crew of workers arrived and in a matter of hours, siding was going on. I was so impressed by their professionalism and work ethic.  Three days after my home was finished it was the object of vandalism. My neighbor covered my brand new siding and brand new car with black spray painted hearts and scribbles. She also victimized two other neighbors' homes as well. The police were notified and ultimately she was arrested. I didn't want to file another claim on my insurance, and all attempts to clean it off met with zero success.  As a last resort I contacted Ridgid's owner Justin, and explained what had occurred. He asked me to meet him at his Meridian Road office. Without batting an eye, Justin told me not to worry, he would replace the 40 ft section of damaged siding for free. I was floored. This company that I had once called "an ambulance chasing, fly by the night operation," was now like a long lost friend. 40 feet of heartache and dismay were erased in one hour.  Bill and Justin have proved to me that this company is all about making neighborhoods better, one happy customer at a time. Their professionalism and attention to detail made a believer out of me. I would recommend Ridgid Construction to anyone needing home improvement or storm restoration. 
Robb of Moore, OK
Monday, March 27th
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