Siding Customer Testimonial from Robb in Moore, OK

Although I wanted to file a claim, I was apprehensive because the work force took houses by storm and in a matter of two days, houses were completed with roof and siding. I was skeptical of how this all was possible, but after receiving a door flier, I decided to call a local company "Ridgid Construction" as a new hail storm sate was on record. 

I met with Bill, and he quickly noted that I had significant damage to my home. Bill had samples at our house the same day and the process was in full swing. Ridgid was very accommodating in making the entire process seem easy. Still I felt like this was just too fast. I had heard some horror stories of the other company's mistakes and I was indeed worried. 

The work began on my house as promised. A crew of workers arrived and in a matter of hours, siding was going on. I was so impressed by their professionalism and work ethic. 

Three days after my home was finished it was the object of vandalism. My neighbor covered my brand new siding and brand new car with black spray painted hearts and scribbles. She also victimized two other neighbors' homes as well. The police were notified and ultimately she was arrested. I didn't want to file another claim on my insurance, and all attempts to clean it off met with zero success. 

As a last resort I contacted Ridgid's owner Justin, and explained what had occurred. He asked me to meet him at his Meridian Road office. Without batting an eye, Justin told me not to worry, he would replace the 40 ft section of damaged siding for free. I was floored. This company that I had once called "an ambulance chasing, fly by the night operation," was now like a long lost friend. 40 feet of heartache and dismay were erased in one hour. 

Bill and Justin have proved to me that this company is all about making neighborhoods better, one happy customer at a time. Their professionalism and attention to detail made a believer out of me. I would recommend Ridgid Construction to anyone needing home improvement or storm restoration. 

- Robb of Moore, OK
Monday, March 27th

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