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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Paula H.

Friday, April 26th, 2019 by Justin Bartusevicius


After having her roof replaced roughly 6 years ago, Paula H. immediately started experiencing leaks to several areas in her home and garage. After several trips, they managed to stop 3 of the 5 leaks (check out the attached pictures to see how they did it). Considering 2 leaks remained, a friend had pointed out that the step flashing might have been installed improperly. When she brought this to their attention, the owner of the company told her there was nothing they could do to help her because they were a roofing company and the siding would have to be removed to properly install the flashings. Exhausted, defeated, and battling cancer, she had no choice but to live with it for 2 more years, until a hailstorm came through. She took great effort to find a respected company and was referred to another roofing company by her homeowners association. This company assured her that all of the problematic areas would be addressed properly during the re-roofing process. Low and behold, they reinstalled all of the flashings in the EXACT SAME MANNER! Now Paula has undergone 2 re-roofing projects in the last 6 years, and still has the leaks. The company did make a few trips back since the install, but only to apply adhesives on top of adhesives, as opposed to fixing the problem properly. Thank god the cancer is at bay, but Paula is still exhausted, and at this point feels relatively helpless. She proceeded to find someone who may be able to help her. That's when she contacted Ridgid Construction. After hearing just some of what she was left dealing with, the owner himself was at the property to meet her within 15 minutes. What he heard and saw, was equally appauling! Flashings with large gaps allowing water to flow unrestricted into the home, galvanized flashing metal hanging from behind the gutters, and boards haphazardly placed along only 1 of several areas requiring attention. The challenge now, is to determine how to fix the absolute mess left behind! 


Stay tuned to see how we will proceed in helping Paula out. And please remember, not all roofing companies are created equal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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